New Delhi: Congress on Monday did not attach much importance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement that his government will not tolerate violence against any community, saying it was just a "camouflage" for the "routine business" of the sangh parivar.

"Modi's statement is purely intended to camouflage whatever all goes on as routine business on the part of the sangh parivar and his accolades. "His aim is to pacify those who are outraged by the kind of communal tension and the kind of communal violence that has been in place over the last one year," party spokesman Rajeev Gowda told reporters.

PM Narendra Modi

He also said that the Prime Minister "needs some economics lesson" when asked about his charge that the opposition was anti-poor.

"Poverty cannot be wished away. This poverty is something that we attack through a variety of measures, attacking it by investing in peoples' Health and Education and enhancing the Human Capital," he added.