Moments of glory

Jan 30, 2012, 08:11 IST | Sheena Thomas

Nothing can faze Rahul Bose when he's working for his charity. Not even an exhibit, that's meant to go under the hammer next month, falling down. When Baichung Bhutia accidentally dropped a laminated memorabilia item, all that Rahul was worried about was whether anyone had got hurt.

Who: Rahul Bose
What: Talking about items that he would love to own

"It would take much more than a fall to damage these pieces. Moreover, they're all insured," he laughs. On auction this year are Rafael Nadal's shoes, Sebastian Vettel's winning vest that he wore at the 2011 Championship, the cricket ball used in India's World Cup final in 2011 and more. CS speaks to Rahul about some of the things he would kill to own: 

My treasure trove
The All Blacks' 2011 World Cup winning autographed jersey is definitely one of them. It keeps looking at me very temptingly. I feel like stealing it from my own foundation. Maybe, I would also like to own Shakespeare's original transcripts. But frankly, I'm not much of a collector. There is nothing in life that I would want to hoard. I throw away my clothes every six months and get rid of all the clutter from my life. I think life is about the present and what's ahead. Having said that, I do learn my lessons from the past and move on. But yes, one think that I have kept is Sachin Tendulkar's laminated autograph that reads 'Thank you for being a good friend.' It's even more special because I got it from him at the World Cup final.

A field day
I might be playing professional rugby, but I'm also a big cricket buff. I also coached under Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi for three months when I was a kid. He taught me how to field in the covers and insisted that I never field with my hands in the pocket since that was the sign of a bad sportsman. I learnt how to keep my mind on the game and the eye on the ball from him. I must say that he was an honourable and forthright man and India will miss him in ways that we still don't realise. He even donated his blazers for the auction held by my charity last year. When I went to meet him, he knew who I was because I'd starred with Sharmilaji in a film, but he'd forgotten that I'd trained under him. He didn't hesitate to give me his debut Test blazer and the blazer he wore in his last Test match.

Game on
I love sports and enjoy trying my hand at different games. But yes, I still don't know how to play chess or golf. For some reason, I've never been drawn to either. I suppose there will be a phase in my life when I will dedicate some time to learning both golf and chess. But till then, I'm happy with rugby.

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