Mon Ami favoured for Pratapsingh Gaekwad Cup

Barring Emerald Valley who would have enjoyed a shorter trip, all the other four — Sumo, Zakynthos, Step Up and Mon Ami — are very competitively placed at the scales, and it is the last-named, who enjoys a useful combination of bottom weight and top jockey (A Sandesh), who is expected to prevail at the judge’s end.

Zoom Zoom and Mt Tianmen shape as bettable propositions in their respective races, and may be supported if the odds are agreeable.

First race at 1.30 pm.


Rapidash Plate (Class V, 1-26; 1600m)
Mt. Tianmen 1, Star Fire Lady 2.

Maharaja Sir Pratapsingh Gaekwad Trophy (For 4y & over, class II; 1400m)
Mon Ami 1, Sumo 2, Zakynthos 3.

Autumn Blue Plate - Div II (For 4y, class IV; 1000m)
Zoom Zoom 1, Magic Star 2, Blind Date 3.

Vesuvius Plate -Div II (Class V; 1200m)
Blush 1, Tropical Zone 2, Brown Dynamite 3.

Aldeburgh Plate (Terms, for 2y, maidens; 1400m)
Top Commander 1, Shivalik Showers 2, Al Shamsheer 3.

Wild Eagle Plate (Class III; 1600m)
Nush 1, Wentworth 2, Rekindle 3.

Autumn Blue Plate - Div I (For 4y, class IV; 1000m)
National Pride 1, Bourbon Street 2, Strategy 3.

Simply Noble Trophy (Terms, for 3y, maidens; 1400m)
Summer Eclipse 1, Doc Holliday 2, Seacaucus 3.

Vesuvius Plate -Div I (Class V; 1200m)
Plan B 1, Shockalot 2, Golden Wave 3.

Best bet: None
Good bet: Zoom Zoom (3-4)
Chance bet: Mt Tianmen (1-2)
Upset: Step Up (2-4)

Today's pools:
Super jackpot poo: 4,5,6,7,8,9
Jackpot pool: I - 3,4,5,6,7; II - 5,6,7,8,9
Treble pool: I - 2,3,4; II - 6,7,8; III - 7,8,9
Tanala pool: All races

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