Mongolia more fortunate than Maharashtra: Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena today criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement of a credit line of USD 1 billion to Mongolia and asked why he can't show the same eagerness to help the distressed farmers of Maharashtra reeling under debt.

The move, Sena said, will only aggravate the pain of the farmers' soul who have committed suicide in the recent past. "The PM has announced a USD 1 billion aid to Mongolia, so that relations between the two countries can be further cemented. The PM has taken moral responsibility for development of this small nation. But, this is not a small amount. This will only aggravate the pain of souls of farmers who have committed suicide," the Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamana'.

The NDA Government's ally at the Centre said Modi has announced credit to a foreign country at a time when hapless farmers, who are reeling under debt from banks and private moneylenders are waiting for financial aid from government.

"We can call Mongolia more fortunate than Maharashtra to have received aid from India because our PM has shown them the financial soundness of the country by giving away such a huge amount," it said.

Sena also questioned the motive of the Prime Minister and asked why can't he show the same eagerness to help the distressed farmers of the state. "What was the need for such a huge amount for Mongolia at a time when Indian currency is falling against the US dollar? Why can't the PM now show the same eagerness to help farmers of Maharashtra and those being affected by his dream of starting a nuclear energy plant in Jaitapur?," it said.

During his recent visit to Mongolia, Modi had on Sunday announced that India will provide a Line of Credit of USD 1 billion to support expansion of Mongolia's economic capacity and infrastructure.

  • Narendranath20-May-2015

    Can any one check the asset of Siva sena leaders,including Bal Thackerey a cartoonist turned politician.They amazed beyond ones imagination and can feed entire farmers if they think so.

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