'Monica Bedi is threatening me'

Misunderstanding over money makes Mira Road-based director of Nepali film starring the actress lodge a complaint against her at Oshiwara police station

She may not have had a remarkable movie career so far, but Monica Bedi has certainly led an eventful life, best exemplified by the fact that several films based on her life are either being shot or are in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, the actress's attempts to revive her own career have received another setback.

In friendlier times: Monica Bedi with director Akash Pandey. File Pic

On Thursday, Mira Road-based filmmaker Akash Pandey registered a complaint against Monica, for allegedly threatening to extort extra money from him. 

In his complaint, Pandey stated that Monica has been bombarding him with threatening SMSes, one of which says: "U guys have to pay now, otherwise I will see u."

"Knowing her past, I fear that she might try to harm me and hence I preferred to file a non-cognisable (NC) offence on Tuesday night against her. This is not a publicity stunt on my part as some have suggested. If that were the case, I would have tried it before the film's release in Nepal," said Pandey.

Distress on debut
According to Pandey, he made his debut film Parichay with Bedi and Nepali superstar Nikhil Upreti last year. The flick was released in Nepal last month and reportedly received a good response.

Pandey says, as per the contract, Monica had received Rs 5 lakh as her fees, Rs 3 lakh were towards her costumes and another Rs 1.75 lakh for the staff, who accompanied her to Nepal.

There were also certain terms in the contract, as per which she was promised another Rs 5 lakh in case the film was released in India.

"Even before the film's release here, Monica started making absurd demands for the remaining Rs 5 lakh. I tried to make her understand that she is eligible for the amount only after the film hits screens in India, but was being difficult. She has been constantly harassing me with threatening SMSes. At times she talks about 'dealing with us' legally, while at other points she has tried to scare us by sending messages in typical 'bhaigiri' style that she will 'see' me," Pandey said.

He added, "Even if she is supposed to be paid that amount, it is the producer who should be answerable for that and not me. I have been harassed with her SMSes for the last one month. Left with no option, I had to finally approach Oshiwara police station on Thursday and register an NC against her."

Get the message?
Some of the SMSes allegedly sent by Monica:

>> "U guys have to pay now... otherwise I will c u."

>> "I wl snd cntrct and notice."

>> "Please ask Sanjayji (producer) to talk to me. Avoiding me wl only harm him legally."

>> "Please take advise frm a good lawyer he wl tell how serious I d offense of issuing a non payment cheque. Its straight fraud case."

The other side
When contacted by MiD DAY, Monica Bedi said, "I'm not aware of any such complaint. I haven't sent any threatening SMSes to anyone. These are all rumours."

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