Monica Dogra inspired by Courtney Love

Singer-actress Monica Dogra, who recently moderated a chat with American showbiz artiste Courtney Love in Mumbai, says she was over the moon to meet the globally known celebrity, who is an inspiration to her.

Monica Dogra and Courtney Love
Monica Dogra (Pic/Santa Banta) and Courtney Love

In fact, Monica feels she has had a "relationship" with Love for years.

"My relationship with Courtney Love as a persona, as a muse, as a rock n roll bada** is like decades long and that's something that really inspires me about her. What I loved about meeting her was that she's exactly what she is. You know the same Courtney that I've seen in interviews, it was the same Courtney that was sitting right in front of me," Monica said in a statement.

Monica was especially impressed by how Love "doesn't adjust herself for situations".

On hindsight, she said: "I think, quite sub-consciously I drew inspiration from Courtney's rock n roll persona. She was one of the only women in rock n roll at that time, also when the grunge movement was picking up speed, she was the queen."

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