Exactly a month after 32-year-old Neelam Singh from Kurla lost her life after falling off a horse in Matheran, a 54-year-old Kandivli resident sustained a head injury yesterday when a frantic horse hit her from behind.

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The horse owner and the horse have not been found yet. Pic for representation
The horse owner and the horse have not been found yet. Pic for representation

The injured, Sudha Krishnan, who had come to Matheran along with her husband on the occasion of Holi, was rushed to the nearest hospital through a 108 emergency ambulance. Doctors later confirmed that she is unconscious and is recuperating from the injury after getting three stitches on her head.

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At around 11.30 am, when Krishnan was taking a stroll with her husband on Dasturi-Matheran Road, a horse came galloping from behind and pushed her. She fell on the side of the road and her head began bleeding.

While locals immediately called an ambulance and rushed her to the local hospital, her husband went in a state of shock. Dr Sachin Wani, the doctor who treated Krishnan first, said, “Thankfully she received immediate treatment. We had to put three stitches on her head to stop the bleeding after which we rushed her to a nearby hospital,” said Wani.

Cops said they are waiting for her to regain consciousness to record her statement. “We are investigating the incident and trying to find the horse owner who couldn’t control his horse. As soon as the lady regains consciousness, we will talk to her and file a complaint,” said PSI Rajvardhan Khebude from Matheran Police Station.

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Local social workers, on the other hand, have raised the issue of tourist security again after this incident. Sunil Shinde, a Mumbai-based teacher, who works on social issues in Matheran, said this is so because the local administration has no control over the careless horse owners. “Horse owners are supposed to be in control of the animal and not leave them to gallop on the road. The roads in Matheran are still narrow and with the increasing population and growth of tourism it gets difficult to travel. Police officials and politicians need to take care of tourists’ safety and make it their priority,” said Shinde.