The state’s beef ban will lead to more goats being sacrificed on Bakri Eid this year, Samajwadi Party (SP) corporators told the civic body.

The party is anticipating a rise in the number of goat sacrifices from 1 lakh to 3.5 lakh. Its leaders met civic chief Ajoy Mehta yesterday and demanded that facilities at the Deonar slaughterhouse be improved to accommodate the large number of animals that will be sacrificed on Bakri Eid, which is in September this year.

Bullocks would earlier be sacrificed on Eid. Now, The Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act makes the possession and sale of beef (cow and bullock meat) in the state illegal. “There has to be one sacrifice per person. A bullock sacrifice is considered a sacrifice for seven people.

Since that is not allowed, one goat will be sacrificed per person, which means about 3.5 lakh goats will be sacrificed from the city, instead of 1 lakh,” said Rais Shaikh, SP corporator. A delegation of corporators, led by the state chief Abu Azmi, met Mehta in this regard yesterday. They demanded that a shed of at least 30,000 square metres be erected at the Deonar facility, along with water supply and electricity.

They also demanded better infrastructure such as stalls for animals, toilets for people, roads, nullahs, etc. They also asked that the civic body should rope in heads of various departments for the cause. Shaikh said Mehta was positive towards their demands and thanked them for giving him enough time to make provisions.