Over 200 students of Delhi University, who are on an educational tour, have taken ill due to suspected food poisoning at their camp in jaisalmer.

"70 of them were hospitalised and 150 given primary treatment outdoors in Jawahar hospital here today," hospital sources said.

A group of 900 students of Delhi University-- all of them NCC cadets-- were on an educational and motivational tour 'Gyanodya-II' when 200 of them took ill after they consuming contaminated food last night.

The suspected case of food poisoning came to light early this morning when the students started vomiting and complained of abdominal pain.

"It all happened in the camp of the students in Sam area, around 40 kms from here. It is suspected that the food they had last night was contaminated. A team has been dispatched for the camp site to collect samples," the sources added. 

The group of students reached Bikaner on September 30 and were in Jaisalmer Tuesday to have a look at the working of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and their equipment.