Most New Year's resolutions to end today

Today is the day most people will give up their New Year's resolutions - just nine days after they were made.
A new survey suggests three-quarters of people in Britain will buckle and break their plans to get fit, save money and lose weight. Only one in four of 3,000 adults surveyed was confident of maintaining his or her resolve throughout January.
The survey by revealed that physical and emotional well-being topped priority lists for 2012. Seven out of 10 joined a gym or went for a jog in the last two weeks, the Daily Express reported.
The internet study offers advice and online tools to help people with busy lifestyles manage their health and identify what support they can receive from their local pharmacy.
"Setting resolutions is a great way to start afresh. But as the statistics show, it can be difficult to kick old habits," said spokesman Ajit Malhi. Six in 10 people admitted making the same resolution last year, with an average of four attempts failing.

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