Mother jailed for 20 years for killing child

Sydney: An Australian woman has been jailed for 20 years for killing her six-month-old daughter here in 2010, a media report said Sunday.

The woman, then in her late 30s, drowned her daughter in the bathtub in her family's North Strathfield house after obsessively worrying for months that the girl had dwarfism, the Sydney Morning Herald said.

A Sydney court was told that soon after the baby was born in April 2010, she was tested for genetic abnormalities, including achondroplasia, a medical term for dwarfism, after the mother raised concerns about skin tags, a flat nose and shape of the girl's forehead.

Though by October-end the woman had been assured all the tests' results were normal, the woman continued to worry.

Forensic tests on the woman's computer showed she searched the Internet for terms including "drown", "infanticide", "smother" and "sudden infant death".

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