Mother of deceased SAI girl trainee athlete rejects job

Thiruvananthapuram: The mother of a SAI trainee athlete, who died after consuming a poisonous fruit in a suicide pact with three others, today rejected the job offered by the Sports Development Authority and maintained her daughter was harassed by some seniors.

"I do not want the temporary job offered by SAI. I have lost my daughter. What I want is justice," Geetha, mother of 15-year old Aparna Ramabhadraban, told reporters here.

Geetha claimed her daughter told her about the harassment by two seniors at the water sports centre of SAI in Alappuzha when she was at the hospital. She also alleged that some in SAI were trying to protect the culprits. "The persons who harassed my daughter are moving around freely," she added.

Her charges came two-days after the parents of the three SAI trainees, who survived the suicide attempt and undergoing treatment at a hospital, demanded a CBI probe into the incident.

They had expressed dissatisfaction with the inquiry conducted by SAI Director General and police. They had also dismissed the DG's preliminary report that there was no ragging, saying it was 'baseless'.

Of the four girls, who consumed the poisonous fruit, Aparna died. The girls had alleged mental and physical harassment by some seniors.

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