Mother of premature twins jumps from Sion Hospital

Madhuri Nikam jumped off the first floor leaving her paralysed from the waist down; doctors say she may have been suffering from postpartum depression

Unable to fathom the fact that her two bundles of joy were premature babies and fighting to keep fit, a 22-year-old woman jumped off the first floor of Sion Hospital yesterday morning.

Madhuri Nikam was brought to the hospital on August 26 after giving birth to premature twins - a boy and a girl - at a central hospital in Ulhasnagar for treatment and recuperation. Yesterday at 9.40 am, after feeding her twins, Nikam went to the first floor of the hospital and jumped out of the window rendering her a paraplegic.

Tragic: After feeding her twins breakfast, Madhuri Nikam took theĀ  plunge
from the first floor of the hospital

Explaining her condition, a senior doctor said, "Even though she fell from a small height, she landed on her neck, injuring her spinal cord. She has suffered irreversible damage. Her legs are paralysed and surgery will be of little help."

Some doctors attribute Nikam's suicide attempt to postpartum depression. However, Dr Sandhya Kamat, dean of Sion Hospital, said, "I have spoken to doctors about Nikam and they say that she did not display any symptoms." Dr Kamat also added that after Nikam gained consciousness she would be sent for psychiatric counselling also.

Her husband Ravi was in a state of shock. He said, "I had gone to get some breakfast for her. When I returned I was told that my wife had jumped from the hospital. She was such a jovial person, I don't know why she would do it."

The family is also afraid of the mounting hospital bills. "I have paid Rs 2,500 for a CT-scan and have had to buy a neck collar for her from outside which cost Rs 600. I cannot bear these costs," said Ravi, who is a painter in Ulhasnagar.

Sub Inspector, Sion Hospital, Ganesh More, said, "We have not yet registered a case but have taken the statements of the family members. Once she gains consciousness, we will record her statements."

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