Mother Teresa's service to poor was aimed at converting them to Christianity: RSS chief

Jaipur: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's comments on Mother Teresa Monday evoked controversy but the organisation denied he had criticised the Nobel laureate who spent her life in the service of the destitute.


Bhagwat, while addressing a function of a local NGO near Bharatpur, said Mother Teresa's service to the poor was aimed at converting them to Christianity. "People like Mother Teresa did good work and service. But the aim was to convert the poor to Christianity. This kind of service is devalued if conversions are done in the name of service or work," he said. Former chief minister Ashok Gehlot termed the statement "unfortunate".

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

"She left her country and spent her life to provide service to the poor. It is really a very unfortunate statement," he said. State Congress president Sachin Pilot, while criticising the statement by Bhagwat, said: "By giving these kind of statements, they (the RSS) are trying to create a religious divide. Mother Teresa comes from which religion does not matter, what matters most is the service she provided to the poor."

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Some Christian community leaders and NGOs in the state also flayed the statement. However, the RSS said the statement was mis-attributed. "Media reporting wrongly. At Bharatpur Ex DG BSF said that Mother Teresa did Seva with motive of conversion," said a tweet on RSS' official Twitter handle. "In reply Bhagavatji said, 'let Mother Teresa know her motive for Seva, we do Seva without expecting any returns' Dr M Vaidya," said another tweet.

  • willie fernandes24-Feb-2015

    These RSS the murders of Gandhi and banned group which now thrive on such issues only after the BJP came in power. Now the PM has no mouth to shut these people. After all he too is a part of that group. How can one judge a person like this. As per them, they have done social work only in Maharashtra with motives for the services and have a good fortune for themselves and their family whereas she has devoted herself for the poor without anything in return as she has not family like yours

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