Motorist in UK fined for letting ambulance go by

London: A 50-year-old British lady who pulled her car into the bus lane to allow a speeding ambulance past has been slapped with 60 pounds fixed penalty notice.

Lynne Plaxton, from Hull, saw her good samaritan moment punished with a fixed penalty notice for encroaching into the bus lane.

"I was just going over the top of the flyover when I saw an ambulance behind me in my mirror. I've always pulled over to allow emergency vehicles through and on this occasion I pulled into the bus lane to let the ambulance get by," Plaxton was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

"I think it's ludicrous that someone doing exactly what I did could end up facing 60 pounds (USD 94) fine.

"It was a natural instinct to pull over into the inside lane and, to be honest, I had forgotten all about it until the fixed penalty notice arrived in the post," she said.

Hull Council have stated the notice was only a warning rather than a fine as it was issued in their initial 14-day period of grace while the new bus lane rules are introduced. "I want to warn other drivers that pulling into a bus lane to let an ambulance through could get them into trouble," she added.

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