Airhostess Neema Lulla, who was arrested for drink driving and assaulting cops on Tuesday night, had also allegedly verbally abused a handicapped woman after almost running her over in September last year

When she raised a stink yesterday after being apprehended for drink driving, airhostess Neema Lulla tempted fate one time too many.

Lulla, who was arrested on Tuesday night after ramming into an auto rickshaw and then assaulting the driver and police constables, had to pay Rs 25,000 for bail yesterday at the Borivli Magistrate court. It has emerged, however, that she has a history of disorderly conduct under the influence.

Habitual offender: Lokhandwala resident Anita Satbir Singh Thukral,
who is physically challenged, had been on the receiving end of Neema
Lulla's (inset) rage on September 17 last year

Lokhandwala resident Anita Satbir Singh Thukral, who is physically challenged, informed this reporter that she too had been on the receiving end of Lulla's rage on September 17 last year. "I was crossing the road on crutches, when her car came hurtling towards me. It took me a while to move away, and instead of helping me onto the pavement, she started abusing me for my slow pace. She threatened that she would run me over, and break my other leg as well."

She added, "I did not retaliate, but immediately called the traffic police, who took her to the Oshiwara police station. It was there that I came to know she is an airhostess. I was shocked, as their profession demands that they help people and be polite to them. Instead, she ran me over and displayed extremely disgraceful behaviour."

At the Oshiwara police station, Lulla's friend had convinced her to apologise to the victim, after which she was let off with a warning.

Shocking behaviour
Lulla, who is reportedly embroiled in divorce proceedings with her husband, had rammed into an auto rickshaw at Chincholi Bunder in Malad (West), after which she assaulted the driver and created a commotion on the road.

When cops tried to intervene, she lashed out at them as well.

When contacted, Ramesh Kadam, senior police inspector of Bangur Nagar police station said, "We will now send a detailed report of the woman's case to the airline that she works for. The woman's behaviour last night was shocking."