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Choreographer Ashley Lobo's dance company, Navdhara India Dance Theatre, will present a new dance performance called Amaara — A journey of love

Witness a theatrical dance performance that combines yoga, touch and dance: Amaara — A journey of love.

A still from the dance theatre performance, Amaara
A still from the dance theatre performance, Amaara

The performance has been conceptualised by choreographer Ashley Lobo and is a Modern Contemporary piece.

The dancers will essentially be using Prana Paint technique, a sensitising approach developed by Lobo that explores movement through connectivity, yoga, breath, and touch.

Ashley Lobo
Ashley Lobo

hrough their movements, the dancers will present a love story and try and explore themselves individually and as one.

The performers are Lobo’s students, who are a part of Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT), a Contemporary dance company based out of Mumbai.

Post their performance in the city today, the company is planning performances in cities including Los Angeles and New York.

On: Today, 7.30pm
At: St Andrew’s Bandra (W).



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