Movie on 'Mack Bolan' to go under production after 40 years

Washington: Movie based on Don Pendleton's 900-volume novel series 'Mack Bolan' launched in 1969 finally may happen, as screenwriter Shane Salerno recently acquired rights to develop a feature film series.

The 41-year-old screenwriter, who will write and produce the movie series, said that his aim was to make a "relevant, grounded and gritty, real-world PG-13 action-drama film series", reported.

Salerno added that he wanted to start working on the movie quickly to get underway with a trilogy, after finishing co-writing the 'Avatar' sequel with James Cameron.

The role of elite anti-terrorist operative protagonist, Bolan, was expected to be filled by Steve McQueen, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and Vin Diesel at one time or another in its 40 years term.

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