Movie review: '6-5=2'

Nov 15, 2014, 07:15 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

A; Horror-thriller
Starring: Prashantt Guptha, Ashrut Jain, Niharica Raizada, Gaurav Kothari  
Director: Bharat Jain
Rating: Half star

For a film that's supposed to be shot in real life, the movie is terribly fake, disjointed and replete with corny dialogues

Fifteen long years after 'The Blair Witch Project', Bollywood's fascination with the much used and abused found footage format continues. This time, it is about six friends Siddharth (Prashantt Guptha), Bhanu Jairaj (Ashrut Jain), Harsh Lulla (Gaurav Kothari), Raja (Gaurav Paswala), Suhana (Disha Kapoor) and Priya (Niharica Raizada), who set out on a trek and get stuck in the woods for six days with only one of them eventually managing to return. The production company, Mars Inc, claims that they found the tapes of budding cinematographer Siddharth's camera and the film is the result of edited footage from that tape.

A lot of efforts have been put into making this into a terribly serious (ROFL), scary (ROFL) fare, starting from calling it a movie shot by late Siddharth. However, instead of shudders and shivers, all this apology of a horror movie evokes is a series of sniggers and a few 'can you believe it' sighs. For a film that's supposed to be shot in real life, the movie is terribly fake, disjointed and full of corny dialogues. At times, the filmmaker gets so carried away with the 'masterpiece' he is making that he forgets it is supposed to be found footage and gives you close ups of characters when they are all supposedly going through some horrific moments.

At best this looks like a school project put together by some self indulgent, careless teenagers. I am all ready to forgive this assault on our senses, if the filmmaker reveals that magic brand of video camera which has a battery life lasting for six full days and nights and which switches on and off at its own will. Also, can we please get out of this found footage obsession now?

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