Besides, when a movie is produced and marketed as children’s film, it brings to light some critical questions. Most prominent of these being the usual is it really a kids’ flick? Films intended for younger audiences often end up treading on that discreet line between innocence and maturity. Krishna Aur Kans quite vividly falls under that category. And this verdict has little to do with an item number in the film!

Krishna aur Kans

Though its plot follows the clash between Lord Krishna and his vile uncle Kans, they face each other for less than 10 minutes on the big screen. Which is not to discredit the climax built by the story when the divine child proves his prowess against the mightiest of villains. The technical complacency is blaringly visible. Also, chaste Hindi used makes you wonder whether today’s kids would be able to gauge some dialogues which you certainly didn’t.

Fortunately, Krishna Aur Kans makes the most of the music thanks to Shantanu Moitra’s genius. And coming back to that item number, the beguiled witch featured in it looks like a mix between Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant. Ergo, not exactly meant for children! Lastly, this film also begs one crucial question: Can Krishna topple contemporary action figures without being too violent? Perhaps, our wise youngsters can answer that.