Movie Review: Mai

To make an acting debut at 79, she’s rightly selected a role to suit her age. Essaying an ageing, ailing mother who her children consider a burden, Bhosle does manage to strike an emotional connect.


The issue of old parents being left in the lurch by their offsprings has been tackled innumerable times by B-Town films over the decades. Remember Baghban and Avtar? Here’s one more to the list. But the makers felt by including the versatile singer in the title role, their work was done. If only they had put in some more efforts in the script and production aspects too. It’s a story that is overfamiliar and happens in several households, so perhaps a new look minus the melodrama could have taken it a notch higher.

Juxtaposing scene after scene of Mai’s memory lapses along with her children’s woes constitutes the storyline. Only one of Mai’s daughters Madhu (Padmini Kolhapure) shows concern for the old mother. Madhu’s hubby Subhash (Ram Kapoor) however wonders if that’s the reason she insisted on a 2BHK so that she could house her mom too! While Mai’s other daughter, who stays in a 1BHK, has no space even for a fly leave along Mai! One son-in-law wonders more about his incoming and outgoing calls than worrying about Mai, while the granddaughter feels she has lost it! Apart from Asha, the rest of the cast seem to be going through their stereotyped roles of being either good or bad.

Watch the film only for the singer-turned-actor AB. 

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