Movie review: 'Policegiri'

When a policeman is willing to be corrupt in order to clean the system, it calls for an interesting tale. But then, in this case, he’s not all alone throughout so there are several layers attached to him — allowing space for criticism. Even though this film marking director KS Ravikumar’s Bollywood debut is fast-paced, it begs for better execution and fewer stereotypes. Apart from high-octane action laced with funny dialogues, there’s very little to whistle at.

'Policegiri' review
Sanjay Dutt and Prachi Desai in 'Policegiri'

An official remake of the 2003 Tamil film 'Saamy', the story is set in a fictional town where the bad guys rule the roost. Such is the case before a DCP (Sanjay Dutt) makes an entry. He’s unbelievably powerful and single-handedly takes on way too much. Small wonder why he makes it a point to express his tribute to Rajnikanth every now and then. And while he’s at it, the villains keep biting the dust except for one particular cartoonish politico (Prakash Raj) who has too much at stake. So what do they do? Settlement. Logic: It’s better to let the dedicated cop have money on his hands than blood. Absurd as it may sound, he has his reasons and the shrewd kingmaker has his own to agree to this arrangement. Well, such is the case before the twist.

Oh yes, there’s a love story intertwined in the middle. A local girl (Prachi Desai) falls for the supercop. What’s interesting to note is the utter lack of chemistry between the two as well as the fact that her father looks younger than her beau. Even the songs pictured on the couple are uninspiring and timidly choreographed. 

On the other end, there is a lot of dishoom dishoom peppered with over-the-top fight sequences. Almost all the filmi clichés from the genre are employed here. It’s impossible to doze off with such background noise. Sharp dialogues by Farhad-Sajid save the day. 

In terms of acting, all the three lead roles are justified. Sanjay appears comfortable as a guy who would bend rules for the good while Prakash is admirable for his comic punch lines. Individually speaking, Prachi does just fine though an older actress would have suited the role. 

For those who like to hear cracking of bones, watch computer-generated stunts and exaggerated violence on the big screen, 'Policegiri' might come across as a staple diet. 

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