Movie review: 'Rabba Main Kya Karoon'

Once in a while comes a film that manages to make you squirm in your seats from the word go. As soon as Arshad Warsi walks into this movie and starts spouting wisdom about male testosterone and how men have to have enough practice to keep their wives ‘satisfied’, I wanted to run away as far as possible from him, his ilk and this movie.

'Rabba Main Kya Karoon' review
'Rabba Main Kya Karoon' 

All that could go wrong is wrong in this movie. Seriously. A film which depicts every woman available to anybody with the balls (literally and figuratively) to invite her to the bed, a film which glorifies a man’s ‘smartness’ in feeding his wife medicine to cure her for pshychological disorders that she is not suffering from, just to protect himself from his philandering ways, and most of all, a film which shows every woman (yes, each of them) to be as dumb as a mule, doesn’t merit a review.

This is the film, which also has the guts to create a photoshopper’s worst nightmare. It put Tinu Anand’s face on a body builder’s body and if that is not a strong enough punch on your face, Anand spends his entire life looking for a missing bra. Logic? No don’t look for one here, I stopped in the first 10 minutes of the film. No sir, one righteous man (Raj Babbar) coming at the end and preaching ‘good things’ doesn’t whitewash the damage done by the characters of this film in the name of comedy. Yes, sex comedy (this one’s badly executed too) is a genre, but why would one give it a U/A certificate?

The Censor Board, which zealously protects us from smoking, drinking, gambling and other vices of the big bad world, clearly thinks that a child can be subjected to this bullshit where the characters are cheating and lying at every step of the way and think a man’s smartness lies in keeping his woman fooled under all circumstances. So the board is not okay with a child watching a man smoke on screen but it is perfectly alright for a seven or an eight-year-old girl of “impressionable” mind watching this movie and thinking it is alright for a man to lie and cheat because he is wired that way or the sublime message that she should stop trusting all the men in her life because they are busy lying to their women, in different ‘smart’ ways. I would rather she/he watches a violent film, which at least doesn’t masquerade as a family entertainer…and perhaps do much lesser damage to the child’s psyche. 

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