Movie Review: 'Singh Saab The Great'

Nov 28, 2013, 10:14 IST | Shaheen Parkar

With a role tailor-made for Sunny Deol, and what he does best considering the numerous outings in almost similar characters, it is only Singh Saab The Great all the way. His well-known ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ is now worth over a billion as it rises for every common man in the country. Singh Saab mouths lines that will delight the front-benchers as he makes mincemeat of anyone crossing his way. He is the man to go to for every problem.

Sunny Deol in 'Singh Saab The Great'
Sunny Deol in 'Singh Saab The Great'

When Singh Saab is not pulling out kids stuck in borewells, he is taking on the capitation fee racket while a jilted lover about to throw acid on his girl gets a dose of it you know where. By now you get the drift...

Singh Saab is a collector-turned-Mr Doer due to certain incidents in his life. The story penned by Shaktimaan takes on the various issues faced by the country as the protagonist ushers in the winds of change. There is a proper plot, lots of dialogue-baazi, few twists and a predictable end. All this, however, does not matter because the film hangs only on Sunny as he rides through with his performance. In one of the tracks, he even has his father Dharmendra and brother Bobby for company making for a sweet interlude.

There is nothing else to look out for apart from Singh Saab. There is a Ms Pretty Face (Urvashi Rautela) as his young wife who has precious little to do, but romance him in her dipping necklines and plunging backlines though she is the reason for the turnaround in his life. The Intrepid Reporter (Amrita Rao) who pops in the second half tries hard to match the menacing Singh Saab with her bit. There is, of course, a Mr Baddie (Prakash Raj) who he has to teach a lesson of course.

Sunny and director Anil Sharma try to rework the magic of their 2001 film Gadar. For Sunny at least it works. An effort has been made, but it takes recourse to the typical Bollywood cliches and the preachy stance. It’s worth a one-time watch if for nothing, but to see Sunny roar on the screen.  

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