Itarsi: On a vacation, little did Dr Vidya Deshmukh know that she will have to attend call of duty on a moving train for the birth of a baby girl.

25-year-old Sabha Parvin, who had boarded Patna-bound 'Sanghmitra Express' from Bangalore, developed labour pains when the train was crossing Itarsi station.

The next station Piparya was an hour away but time was running out as the amniotic sac (bag of waters) that surrounds the baby had also burst.

The passengers of S-7 coach immediately alerted the TTE who used his presence of mind and scanned through the entire passenger manifest to locate Dr Deskhmukh travelling in the AC-3 tier coach.
The coach was cleared off all the males, as Parvin's four-year-old son silently looked at the unfolding events involving his mother.

As Dr Deskhmukh, a social activist who treats patients without any fee, prepared for the nerve-wrecking emergency situation, all women passengers contributed with whatever they had at their disposal which included bedsheets, tissues, sanitisers and mineral water.

The cries of the baby at 4.45 PM made everyone in the S-7 coach smile, quickly forgetting the tense moments just a few minutes back.

As a precautionary measure, the TTE had called for medical assistance at the nearest railway station. The baby was fine and Parvin was a proud mother of two kids, said an official.

"It is a duty towards humanity. It's my duty to help anyone in need," said Dr Deshmukh.