Now that the fanfare and the tamasha around the swearing-in ceremony is over, and our newly appointed Chief Minster must get down to the business of running our state, we couldn’t help but slip in our wish list for Mumbai, especially with regards to our grossly untapped and neglected cultural landscape. We’re not quite sure if it will reach Mr. CM but we thought of giving it a shot, nevertheless.

More buzz on the cultural calendar: The city could surely do with more events on this calendar, round the year, and not just from November to February. Invite international travelling festivals, troupes and musical events to make Mumbai a part of their itinerary. Most importantly, we should be able to sustain it, with sponsors who are willing to back such initiatives. Remember what happened just before this year’s edition of MAMI was to begin? Also, let’s go easy on the entertainment tax so we can enjoy some of the world’s best musicians and acts.

Safe like before: There was a time, when women and men too, felt safe to trip around Mumbai’s streets, or while using its public transport. The past few years have witnessed a drop in this belief. With an increasing number of crimes being committed, it’s high time we have a stronger taskforce out there, to reassure our citizens that we are in safe hands, at any hour of the night. Then again, if we are pushing for longer hours for restaurants and nightlife, shouldn’t this be part of the plan?

Celebrate our heritage: This column always attempted to spell our certain concerns and the need to give our city’s stunning mix of architectural styles and heritage, its due. More support should be given to our museums, local heritage bodies and countless other groups who go about silently doing their bit to keep our magnificent heritage and history intact. Also, we must push for better, concerted efforts to ensure that both our UNESCO World Heritage Sites are well looked after, even as we must promote existing sites for future nominations.

Sea front spectacle: Let’s invite the best in the business to draw up blueprints to ensure we have a world-class sea fronting city, with broad, clean promenades, well-designed restaurants, thriving water sports hubs, underwater sea walks as well as round-the-year festivals, events and cultural activities.

With a new face in the hot seat, we are hopeful, and wish that our city gets a much-needed shot in the arm, to shine as the state’s capital. We’ll be watching.

The writer is Features Editor of mid-day