New Delhi: With a bag full of prestigious awards from all over the world, Oscar winning actor Ian McKellen will be next seen playing the world's most popular detective Sherlock Holmes in 'Mr. Holmes', which will release in India on July 24.

Ian McKellen. Pic/AFP
Ian McKellen. Pic/AFP 

The movie will be released by PVR Pictures.

Directed by Academy Award winning director Bill Condon of 'Gods and Monsters' fame, the British-American drama mystery film is named "Mr. Holmes". After exploring the young and mysterious life of popular Sherlock Holmes, this film unravels a new chapter in the detective's life.

Set in 1947, an ageing Sherlock Holmes returns to an unsolved case. While searching for answers to the mysteries of love and life, the popular detective played by Ian McKellen, sets out on a journey along with his housekeeper's boy to solve his last case.

McKellen views 'Mr. Holmes' as a welcome return to a smaller, more intimate sort of project: another three-hander, like "Gods and Monsters," between an aging curmudgeon, his housekeeper (Laura Linney, another star who's stayed close to Condon since they first worked together on "Kinsey") and a youth (newcomer Milo Parker, playing a precocious preadolescent eager to be Holmes' new Watson-like protege), reports

The film also stars Laura Linney, Hiroyuki Sanada and Milo Parker and is based on Mitch Cullin's novel "A Slight Trick of The Mind".