Mr. Rizwan: A believer in Positive Constructivism

Rizwan Adatia, a visionary entrepreneur living in Mozambique, hails from Porbandar Gujarat. He moved from Porbandar to DR Congo (Africa) in 1986 to work with his elder brother in a small grocery business. By the blessings of many that he inspires and reaches, his business reaches upto 11 countries, employing personnel strength of 3500, this makes – COGEF Group.

Mr. Adatia with PM, Mr. Narendar Modi and other members of Indian Business Council (IBC) team
Mr. Adatia with PM, Mr. Narendar Modi and other members of Indian Business Council (IBC) team

Mr. Adatia attributes his indomitable spirit and rigour to serve humanity, an outcome of positive thinking, power of subconscious mind, meditation and yoga. He believes and shares his time, knowledge and the experiences with many more to live a happy inner life. Motivating and inspiring India’s youth is one key priority’s for Mr. Adatia’s Mission 2015-30.

RAF – Mozambique celebrated International Street Children Day with UNESCO  at Maputo

He established the Rizwan Adatia Foundation (RAF), in India and in Mozambique. Currently many local NGO’s and community-based organizations (CBOs) are supported by RAF to cover their basic costs. Another area of support is direct implementation where RAF builds schools and Early Childhood Development Centers.

Mr. Rizwan

In regions of Africa the foundation has been supporting constructing schools, aiding scholarships, disaster relief programmes and livelihood promotion. Here are some glimpses of recent initiatives undertaken by Rizwan Adatia Foundation, Mozambique & India:

>> May 5, 2015: Dr. Calisto Cossa President of Municipal, Matola inaugurated the newly constructed pre-school at Matola Gare, supported by Rizwan Adatia Foundation.
>> RAF in collaboration with UNESCO celebrated “The International Day for Street Children” in Maputo on April 17.
>> Mr. Rizwan Adatia was honoured with Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar Award 2015, held on April 13, 2015
>> April 6, 2015 Mr. Rizwan Adatia was felicitated by Mr. Devendar Fadnavis, CM of Maharashtra.
>> February 27, 2015 Dr. Jorge Ferrao Minister for Education, Mozambique inaugurated the newly constructed Primary school at village Mali.
>> RAF sponsored Marathi International Film and Theatre Awards (MICTA) 2015, held at Abu Dhabi.
>> During the launch of special edition of Hindi Vivek - ‘National Security’ on Jan. 22, Mr. Parrikar felicitated Mr. Adatia for his commitment towards the process of nation building.

A few initiatives that are in the offing include a senior secondary school for girls in Chayya village of Porbandar, Early Childhood Development project in Bihar and facilitating subsidised access to accommodation for cancer patients in Mumbai and supporting an organization that takes lifelong care for mentally challenged adults in Badlapur. For further details please

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