Mudgal report can help curb match-fixing saga

Now that the Mudgal report is out and shows that there is so much rotten in the state of the Indian Premier League (IPL), one can only hope that something comes of this report. It does not lie buried somewhere or tucked away in a corner gathering dust, while the games go on as usual. Ever since Manoj Prabhakar blew the lid on cricket match-fixing, skeletons have tumbled out of the cricket closet with alarming regularity.

To say that nothing has been done to stem the rot, is misleading. The International Cricket Council (ICC) did move on corruption, the Indian cricket board reviled by so many has handed out suspensions and moved on some names involved in the scandal, but what is the result of all these probes, committees, scanners, lenses and radars, call them what you will?

The spectator continues to read reports of spot-fixing, match-fixing, betting, underworld names and capped and uncapped players. It has all resulted in a smoke and mirrors effect where the spectator knows he is being made a fool of but does not quite know who is responsible.

Is it one person? Is it the entire team? People in the dug out, like IPL commentators affecting strange accents call the dug out? This probe needs to be followed right till the bitter end, no cover ups, hard-to-decipher answers or idiotic, familiar skirting around the edges.

What happens now? Does more rot keep tumbling out instead of anything being followed to its logical end? Why is there no conclusion reached ever to numerous probes being set up for numerous matches? If N Srinivasan is keeping mum, there are surely others in the cricket board who can speak. How can the captains of the teams under the scanner not know about what is happening? Did they not have a doubt?

This Mudgal report has set the ball (no pun intended) rolling. Let it lead to if not a complete resolution at least some kind of end to the mysteries of this fixing saga. Otherwise, the IPL-7 going to start soon, will be nothing but a colossal fraud and farce.

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