Mugdha says no to Madhur Bhandarkar

Mugdha Godse refused to take the stage at an event when she was told to present an award with the director

Mugdha Godse refused to present an award along with Madhur Bhandarkar at a recent event.

The starlet and her mentor were to hand over the Best Female Dance Superstar honour at the gala. But she had her last-minute reservations going up on the dais with the director of her debut film.

Says a source, "Mugdha and Madhur may have appeared to be cordial and even posed for snapshots on the red carpet.
But when it was time for both of them to go up on the stage, Mugdha refused to share the space with him. As a result, director Ken Ghosh was roped in to present the award along with her."

The awards event was organised by a channel at the Yash Raj Studios.

Adds the source, "Mugdha's sudden change of mind shocked the organisers. However, she did not mind going up on the stage with anyone else."

Though Madhur had provided her a break in Bollywood with Fashion and later she also did Jail with her, there has been buzz that all is not well between the duo.
Though they greet each other cordially in public, there is a bit of resentment from Mugdha as she was left to make it on her own in Bollywood.

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