Mugdha Godse loves eating and nothing can entice her to give up her favourite foods. The Marathi mugli tells CS about what she loves to see on her plate:  

It is a must -- not just because it is healthy, but because it's tasty. It adds colour to my plate and fills up my tummy too. My favourite salad is the one garnished with a bit of olive oil and lettuce leaves.

Roasted chicken
Roasted chicken is one item that I just can't compromise on. It is just too yummy and I need no prodding to get this down my stomach! Also, it is low on calories, so I don't feel guilty eating it. 

I love rice, but white rice is not good for my curves, so I replace it with brown rice. This way, I satify my need for 
carbohydrates without craving for rice. 

Being a Maharastrian, I love spicy food and so pickle's a must. The tangy yet spicy taste is something that I just can't do without. 

Dal is full of proteins, so it's a must. I like lots of garlic in my dal.