Accused Siralan Mudliyar and Victim Priya Mudliyar
Accused Siralan Mudliyar and Victim Priya Mudliyar

A Mulund family was brutally shorn apart in the early hours of Thursday after a 34-year-old man, doubting his wife's fidelity, bludgeoned her with a LPG cylinder, right before their two young children aged 10 and 7.

The man, identified as Siralan Mudliyar, was ultimately apprehended when neighbours called the police. He was apparently banging on their doors at 4.30 am after committing the crime and even attempted to bite the ear of a person who tried to calm him. It later came to light that he had threatened his children not to mention the incident to anyone before leaving home in a disturbed state.

Blinded with suspicion
Mudliyar works as an accountant in a private firm at Thane. For the last few days, he had suspected his wife was having an affair. "He had become suspicious and started minutely monitoring his wife. Priya was shocked and later got irritated with this constant badgering," said Keshav Kasar, police inspector, Mulund police station.

Blinded with suspicion, Mudliyar hadn't slept for a couple of days and on Thursday night, he got up at 4 am and picked a fight with Priya. When she refused to indulge him, it turned into a screaming match and woke up the kids too.

“Enraged, Mudliyar went to the kitchen and brought the LPG cylinder into the hall where Priya was sitting and hit her. Priya started bleeding, but he didn’t stop there and hit her a few more times till he was sure that she was dead,” said DCP (Zone-7) Sachin Patil.

Bit off an ear
After killing her and threatening his kids to keep quiet, he left home and created a ruckus outside. “Someone informed the police control room that they suspected a thief had broken into their society. When one person tried to question Mudliyar, he tried to hit him and bit his ear. As soon as we reached Indira Nagar, we detained him. Then another cop noticed the blood stains on his clothes. Further enquiry led us to his home where we found Priya in a pool of blood. She was taken to the hospital and declared dead on arrival," said an officer.

After his arrest, Mudliyar threatened to commit suicide or harm himself. Considering his mental state, the court has sent him to judicial custody.