Mumbai: 'Navratri chor' confesses to crimes

 Sarfuddin Sheikh
Sarfuddin Sheikh

No one is as busy as this ‘festival’ chor during Navratri. Sarfudddin Sheikh alias Sharfu breaks car windows by punching and then robs whatever he can lay his hands on. He did so this time as well, only to be caught by police on Sunday. His latest victim is Kandivli resident Ketan Shah (47).

On October 4, Shah had parked his car near Malad Shopping centre and went to have dinner on SV Road, Malad around 9 pm. Upon returning, he found the car windows broken, his iPhone. Yesterdaay, Sheikh confessed to the crime, along with other thefts he had committed in the city, and was arrested.

Sub-inspector Hasan Mulani said Sheikh was produced in court and remanded in police custody till today.

The number of cases registered against Sharfu



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