Yashodha Kadu
Yashodha Kadu

Such an incident had not happened in the Jivachapada tribal hamlet of Aarey milk colony in the last 50 years. But there is always a first time to everything, even if it ends in a disaster. On Tuesday afternoon, a woman died after a Spectacled Cobra bit her, while she was sleeping on the floor of her mud hut along with her six-month-old baby. Though villagers rushed her to the BMC-run Balasaheb Thackeray trauma centre, she was declared dead on arrival.

According to sources, on the day of the incident, Yashodha Kadu, 20, suddenly woke up from sleep when something bit her on her back. Her sister-in-law Shalu Pathare said, "She rushed out of the house carrying her baby and informed her relatives, who stay in the adjacent hut. When one of them examined her back, the mark looked like a snakebite."

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What went wrong?
They immediately rushed her to the trauma centre. "After examining her, the doctors at the Jogeshwari trauma centre said that she had died on the way. We really don't know what went wrong, because she was taken to the hospital within an hour," said a neighbour.

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The villagers called a snake rescuer. After searching for it for almost an hour, the rescuer found it at a corner of the hut. However, when he brought it out, some of the angry villagers allegedly killed it.