Mumbai: 44 senior citizens to go on an international trip for the first timeSenior citizens

A sweet initiative has led 44 senior citizens experiencing an international trip for the first time in their lives. The senior citizens have a planned visit to Singapore and Malaysia during their eight days trip which started from September 10 to September 17 2017.

The initiative was planned by Rizwan Adatia Foundation for Social and Cultural Development (RAFSCD) and that too for free!

RAFSCD celebrates September as the month dedicated to the elderly. "Senior Citizens International Tour" is a recreational trip organised by RAFSCD for senior citizens and differently abled couples from Porbandar, Rajkot, Surat and Junagadh districts of Gujarat. Out of 650 participants who gathered for Bhavvandhan, a day long activity specially conducted for Sr. Citizen, 44 were selected through a lucky draw to participate the eight-day international trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

Mumbai: 44 senior citizens to go on an international trip for the first time

Rizwan Adatia, Founder Chairman, RAFSCD decided to celebrate his birthday on September 14, by taking 44 senior citizens for an international trip, absolutely for free. He said, "This is a not-for-profit initiative working diligently to raise the Quality of Life of the Senior Citizens, by providing ample of recreational activities. This is just a beginning; RAFSCD is swiftly, invariably and diligently reaching out to all the Sr Citizens of our country."

He added, "This tour will provide an opportunity to capture a moment in their lives and enjoy the company of 44 people from the similar age group. Arrangements were made to provide passports, luggage bags, clothes and 4 volunteers were provided to the 5 differently-abled couples. Apart from medical care, wheelchairs will be provided to make them feel independent and mobile while on the cruise. Overall, a friendly atmosphere is created so that each member of this tour can do one thing in common which is to smile and enjoy them."

The motivation behind this trip is to provide the senior citizens from the age group of 50 years and above with a friendly atmosphere where they can enjoy themselves.