Mumbai: Auto driver dupes actress with fake Rs 100 note

This Rs 100 note handed to an unwary commuter on Sunday night is so fake, it’s refreshingly original

Actress Megha Chakraborty
Actress Megha Chakraborty

It was a crafty con. Simple in execution and yet, if caught, it can’t help but put a smile on the face of its ‘victim’. And the master prankster? An autorickshaw driver who duped a Malad-based actress, Megha Chakraborty, early on Monday while giving her the change for her ride home.

The fake note that Megha ended up with. Spot the differences!
The fake note that Megha ended up with. Spot the differences!

Chakraborty, who originally hails from Kolkata, but has been living in Mumbai for the past two years, said, “Last night, I was coming back at around 1 am in a rickshaw,” said Chakraborty. Her fare was Rs 100. “I gave him a Rs 500-note, and in return, he gave me four Rs 100 notes.”

Realisation dawns
“Next morning, I went out to buy some things, and brought out two R100 notes to pay. That’s when I noticed they both were different,” she said. Although at first glance, the note looks like any other, on second glance, the irregularities jump out and glare.

What’s the difference?
For starters, the part that declares the note belongs to the “Reserve Bank of India” reads as “Children Bank of India.” Secondly, in the bottom, the note claims to be a “One Hundred Coupon”. Also, remember how an authentic notes reads: “I promise to pay the bearer a sum of hundred rupees”? Well this kid’s currency note clearly announces its intent: “I promise to play with the coupon hundred”. Best of all, it is signed by Santa Claus!

“After it happened, I put it up on social media, and it just went viral,” said Chakraborty.

Now whether a genuine con or if the rickshaw driver himself was duped earlier, it definitely is a fake currency case for the keeps.

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