The minor was rescued near Parel station
The minor was rescued near Parel station

A 14-year-old, disgruntled at not being allowed to play games on his cellphone by his father, tried to commit suicide by attempting to throw himself under a running local. However, because of the alert staff at the Parel station and the motorman of the local, he was saved in time.

Later, he was taken to the Dadar RFP, where a staffer talked him down and managed to get details of his parents who hail from Gujarat and rushed to pick him up.

According to Satish Menon, inspector at Dadar RPF, "On July 27 at about 6.30 pm, VS Tayde, the on-duty Parel station staff spotted a boy walking ahead of the local train on Up slow track at Parel station.

So even as the motorman halted the train, Tayde apprehended him and brought him to the RPF office in Dadar. "The petrified boy was not giving any information about himself except that he was an orphan from Gujarat. Then, one of the officers, Neeta Manji, saw he was distracted by a cellphone and using that, she managed to engage him long enough to get him to divulge more details about himself. As soon as he gave us his parents' details, we called them in. His father, an auto driver, reached the office and claimed him.

According to his father, "My son likes playing mobile games and gets upset if I ask him to study. He ran away because he was upset about one of those disagreements."

The boy was then handed over by the RPF to his parents.