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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sent show cause notices to over 2,000 schools affiliated to it, for failing to make their information public - one of the CBSE mandates. These schools have the last chance to disclose information within three weeks, else each will be fined as high as Rs 50,000.

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Failing to comply
Under several norms by CBSE each school affiliated to it is mandated to make its information public on its own website as well as on CBSE's centralised data system. This information can vary from infrastructural details, financial report to academic record; information such as number of classrooms, availability of additional new-age facilities, complete fee break-up to balance sheets, and also classwise admission to result details. The schools were asked to share details by end of October, 2016. Over 2,000 schools from across the country have failed to comply with the mandate.

CBSE says
Rama Sharma, PRO of CBSE said, "Individually schools have been sent notices by the concerned department. There is no list of schools available with us as yet." When asked if in future the list will be declared on CBSE's website, she said, "There is no such decision as yet."

A CBSE official said, "Schools might be avoiding the norm, because if a school is found not justifying the fee structure in terms of services offered by it, it can get into further trouble. The practice is essentially to know whether all schools are providing quality service, as well as are charging the appropriate fee structure."