In Mumbai, a cop falls off scooter trying to avoid 5-ft-wide pothole on WEH

Injured senior inspector said he did not see the pothole on WEH at Andheri until he had reached it

The pothole on Kurla Andheri Road. Pic/Ashish Rane

A senior inspector with the Sakinaka Police station who was travelling home on his scooty on the Western Express Highway at Andheri last night fell off his bike when it suddenly hit a 5-foot-wide pothole. As it was a Sunday, with relatively low traffic movement, he did not come under another vehicle and escaped only with badly grazed knees.

Senior Inspector Avinash Dharmadhikari said he was on the Kurla-Andheri Road when he suddenly spotted the crater sized pothole. He said he had some difficulty controlling his scooty, which is why he fell off.

Dharmadhikari had gone for dinner to a restaurant near Sahar Airport and while returning, he took the Kurla-Andheri road. Around 11pm, he reached the Sagar Hotel junction. “I was coming from the airport and had reached the spot where the cement road ended and the tar road of the Western Express highway started. Right at that spot, I suddenly came upon this outsized pothole. I tried to avoid going into it, but fell down in the process, hurting my knees,” Dharmadhikari said.

“It is a huge pothole and is located at a spot where one cannot easily spot it if one is at some distance away. I had a lucky escape as it was a slow traffic day. On any other day, with traffic moving with speed on the highway, I might have been run over after I fell,” he said.

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