Mumbai: Dark Link Road stretch now 'flooded' with lights

Nov 30, 2016, 09:35 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Pic/Satej Shinde
Pic/Satej Shinde

The 1-km New Link Road stretch between HyperCity and Bangur Nagar, which was seeing dark days ever since work on the metro line began, will now be flush with light.

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MMRDA authorities have taken serious note of mid-day’s November 21 report on the lack of street lights in the area (Careful on New Link Road, it’s pitch dark!) and installed floodlights facing the road so that pedestrians and motorists are not inconvenienced.

Confirming the same an MMRDA official said, “We don’t want any inconvenience to be caused to the motorists and pedestrians, so we have also installed the floodlights on a temporary basis so that there is enough visibility post sunset.” The authorities have put up the lights at around 200 meters on either sides of the road. Sources from MMRDA said that streetlights would also be made operational on either side of the road soon.

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