Mumbai: Examiner takes SSC papers out for coffee, gets caught on camera

The teacher is seen checking papers at a restaurant in the video
The teacher is seen checking papers at a restaurant in the video

While the SSC board is still trying to navigate its way through the robbery of over 500 unchecked papers from a Dahisar school, it seems to be in troubled waters again. This time, it is because of a teacher, allegedly been caught on camera checking the papers in a restaurant, breaching the rule of examining papers in public.

Yuva Sena, Shiv Sena's student union, submitted the video to the board with a complaint, which says the basic clause of confidentiality has been breached. As per state board regulations, teachers are not allowed to take answer papers out of school.

Spotted over a few days
Yuva Sena member Pradeep Sawant, said, "This video was shot a few days ago in a restaurant in Vile Parle East by our party workers. The same person has been coming to the same restaurant for a few days. After he was spotted, the video was taken by our party workers to submit to the state board. As the state board has asked us to help them in the investigation, we are again working with the restaurant owner to know about whenever this person is back to the same spot, so we can ask for his identification."

However, after receiving the complaint, while the Mumbai division of the state board has stated that currently there is no way of confirming that the said person was checking board exam papers. But the Yuva Sena has alleged that it is clear that those are board exam papers, due to the hologram supposedly visible in the video.

Confidentiality breached
"This is clear case of breaching the confidentiality of [checking] the answer papers. The state board exam is a big event for lakhs of students and their parents. Neither the state board nor teachers can have such a casual approach towards it. Especially now, when there has been a report about theft of answer papers, it is alarming to know how casually they are handled by teachers," said Sawant.

'Give stronger proof'
Board chairperson Dattatray Jagtap confirmed the complaint and said, "In the current form, it cannot be confirmed if the answer papers the said person is seen checking in the video are board papers. There are no other details other than this one video. We have asked the student union to submit stronger proof."

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