Mumbai: Hemant Pujari's aide gets life imprisonment for killing cake shop owner

Aug 06, 2017, 15:51 IST | Samiullah Khan

Dindoshi Sessions court on Friday convicted a member of alleged Hemant Poojari gang for killing a 68-year-old man in broad day light because he refuse to pay ransom. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment.

In 2011, Hemant Pujari hired shooter Mukesh Kushalpal Sharma alias Kabir Hussain Noor Islam Suleman Sardar, 29, from Uttar Pradesh to gun down Angara Pujari, a Monginis frachisee. Sharma shot Angara through the neck in this shop near Goregaon railway station. The accused fired and ran from the spot. According to cops, the employees of the deceased followed him and caught him.

The cops also said that Hemant had called the deceased and asked for Rs 50 lakhs, but Angara refused to pay. Angara immediately penned a letter to the police about the threats. He received another call and was threatened with his life. Hemant apparently then had his shooter sent to kill Angara.

The Sessions court judge V D Nimbalkar, convicted Sharma under murder charges and awarded him with life sentence.

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