Mumbai: Mother's Day video gets 5 lakh views on YouTube

A grab from the video
A grab from the video

On Mother's Day last Sunday, many youngsters put up pictures with their mothers on social media, planned surprises, bought gifts and spent time with them. But some weren't so lucky, as they stay away from their homes to pursue their careers. While they too celebrated by sending gifts for mom, they missed her. No wonder then that an advertisement with the tagline - milna zaroori hai (meeting is important), made on these lines for Mother's Day, has gone viral.

Since it was uploaded on May 8, the video has had over 5 lakh views, has been shared more than 13,000 times, and has had 50,000 reactions on Facebook. On Instagram it has received 2 lakh views.

Watch the video below

The video for a mobile application for shopping bags, created by On Board Films, shows a young woman busy with her daily morning routine, when she suddenly realises it is Mother's Day. The woman, who has been living alone, away from her parents, calls her mother and tells her that she misses her. Like many others, she then posts a picture with her mother on social media. Then as she steps out of the house, she finds a surprise - her mother is outside. In a touching moment, her mother says, "Tu nahi aa sakti toh kya hua? Main toh aa sakti hun na." (So what if you can't come to meet me? I can come to meet you).

"Many youngsters stay away from their family to pursue a career. It is very difficult to go and meet mothers whenever they feel like it. But here, we show a twist. Her understanding mother brings a smile to the girl's face. When VJ Rannvijay Singh shared the video, it received almost 4 lakh views, 18,000 reactions, and 4,200 shares," said Sachin Pawar, one of the partners of the production house, which created the video in a week's time.



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