Rishikesh Kale
Rishikesh Kale

A six-year-old boy fell from the terrace of a four-storey building in Dombivli West, while he was playing on Wednesday afternoon, and died. Though he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, he succumbed to his injuries during treatment. The Vishnu Nagar police have registered an accidental death report in the matter and are further investigating the case.

According to the police, the deceased has been identified as Rishikesh Vijay Kale, 6, who resided in flat number 404 of Shree Dynprasad building in Thakur wadi, Dombivli West. Kale was a Std I student. While his mother is a housewife, his father works in a private firm. On the day of the incident, Rishikesh left the house and went to the terrace to play, while his mother and younger brother were asleep.

Vinod Tarmale, assistant sub-inspector, Vishnu Nagar police station, said, "His parents claimed that the incident took place when he went to the terrace to play. They are not blaming anybody for it. Still we are investigating the case from all possible angles.

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Rishikesh had suffered minor injuries on his body, but he died due to the grievous head injuries. "His body has been sent to the Rukmani Bai hospital in Kalyan for post-mortem. The statements of the family members are being recorded," added Tarmale.

An officer from Vishnu Nagar police station, who recorded the statement of the deceased's mother, said, "On Wednesday, Rishikesh left the house without informing his mother. He was later found on the backside of the building compound. Though he was immediately rushed to the hospital, he died during treatment."