Mumbai: Now parents can use an app to solve school issues

The NGO Forum for Fairness in Education has launched an app, which will help parents, students and teachers put forth their grievances about educational institutions before the concerned authorities.

“People’s fear of lodging complaints will go. Some educational institutions across the country are exploiting parents, teachers and victimising children by forcing them to pay unjustified capitation fees, various other unapproved fees and donations. This app will help them fight this,” said Jayant Jain, the president of the forum. Jain said the issue put forth on the app by parents will be sent to concerned authorities with the help of a survey on it.

“Now we can stand up to corrupt educational institutions through this app,” said Sonali Kudave, a parent present at the press conference of the app’s launch yesterday. But education department officials had something else to say on the app. “We cannot consider any survey conducted by an NGO. We can conduct inquiry in a specific case, but we cannot just blindly trust any survey and bring reform in our policies,” said B B Chavan, Deputy Director, Education Department.



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