The 15-year-old who left home
The 15-year-old who left home

Not wanting to be a liability on her poor parents, a 15-year-old has run away from home. The teenager left a three-page note addressing her parents, saying that she wanted to study and would strive to get a degree on her own.

With no money to run a house, the girl’s unwell parents are now searching for her. The Versova police has registered a case of kidnapping.

On her own
“My daughter is a brilliant student, but I do not have the money to educate her. I feel helpless… I have lost her,” said her father.

The girl, who was working for a factory in Versova, left home on Friday. Her note said she would stay in ashrams and manage her studies on her own. “She said she doesn’t want to be a liability on us. Now, we have no money and no daughter,” added the father with tears in his eyes.

In dire straits
The 40-year-old, a security guard, was living with his family in Sion. He got admitted to Sion Hospital after water was found in his chest. A few days later, he was shifted to KEM Hospital, where he had to spend three months. On returning home, his landlord asked the family to vacate, as they had not paid rent for three months.

The family then stayed on railway platforms until a man who gave them a shanty in Madh jetty for Rs 500 a month.

With the man still unwell, his daughter and wife had then started working as daily-wage labourers.