The incident of man animal conflict that took place at Chafyachapada in Aarey milk colony on Saturday night in which two women were injured has put the team of researchers and the forest department in confusion as to what triggered the attack even after the suspected male leopard which is believed to be behind the earlier attack was caught.

On Saturday evening a lady in her late forties and another in her late fifties were injured by a leopard at around 8-8.30 pm at the Chafachapada tribal hamlet in Aarey milk colony.

Following the leopard attack, the Thane Forest Department (Territorail) team has gone on an alert mode and the patrolling in the area has been increased by the forest department.

Speaking to mid day a senior forest department official said . " The two incidents of man animal conflict in which two women were injured at Aarey is really unfortunate and instructions have been given to the concerned officials to increase the patrolling. Our team has visited the victims in the hospital and have taken their statements and are investigating into the same to understand what led to the incident. Fortunately the women are out of danger and one of them have injuries on the left leg and left hand."

Immediately after the incident two camera traps have been installed at the location to check the activity of the leopard frequenting the area.

The injured have been identified as Baiji dadu Bandre(48) and Ashatai Gavit(55) and both of them are taking treatment at the BMC run Balasaheb Thackeray trauma center in jogeshwari east. It is said that both might be discharged today or on Monday.

Speaking to midday Diru kharva( 59) an eyewitness to the incident said, " At around 8-8.30 pm I was sitting outside my house when suddenly I saw that a dog came running down towards by house and behind them came Ashatai who told me that a leopard had attacked Baijitai who fainted following the attack. Within seconds a leopard who wanted to pick up the dog came and injured Ashatai who I think might have been standing in the way of the animal. I immediately started shouting and ran towards ashatai and seeing this the animal ran away. "

Without wasting time the locals rushed Baiji to the hospital where she was admitted and after an hour Ashatai who had minor injuries and bruises went to the hospital where she was admitted too.

Following the attack there is a fear in the mind of people staying in the Aarey Milk Colony. Locals have complained that solar street lights that were installed in the tribal Hamlet 3 to 4 months back has stopped working and the authorities including the local corporator and the public representative should see to it that adequate lights are installed in order to prevent any further man animal conflict incidents.

Suspected leopard was trapped
On September 14 the three year old suspected male leopard that is believed to be behind the Aarey attack was trapped at film city .

While the suspected male leopard that killed one and injured 4 people in last 6 months was finally trapped by the Territorial Wing of the Thane forest department with the help of team of researchers and volunteers, the authorities have taken the decision to continue the camera trapping exercise in the area for another two to three months in order to see which new individual leopard takes over the territory or the space that has got vacated after the over three years old leopard was trapped.

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