With just two days left for the inauguration of the Humboldt penguin exhibit at Byculla Zoo, the state-level teacher's union plans to get an extra concession for school students, who wish to catch a glimpse of it.

Though the entry to the exhibit would be free till March 31, the charges after that are likely to be R100 for those above 12 years of age and Rs 50 for those below it.

The zoo management is yet to get an approval for the second proposal related to entry charges from the municipal commissioner.

Speaking to mid-day, Director of Byculla Zoo Sanjay Tripathi said, "The second proposal is quite similar to the first one, but it is yet to be approved. Within a week, we will disclose the charges."

The union demands that the corporation should charge just Rs 10 from school students, who are willing to take a look at the penguin exhibit. "The civic body should not charge more than Rs 10 from students. We have put forward this demand, so that the commissioner can consider it before approving the second proposal," said Anil Bornar, a leader of the teacher's union.