Mumbai: 12-year-old burns his hand while lighting cracker

The boy says he was being careful, but caretaker at Chembur home says he was trying to light a cracker in his palm

Pre-Diwali celebrations turned sour at the children’s home in Chembur on Saturday evening when one of the kids sustained burn injuries while bursting crackers.

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The boy was brought to Sion Hospital after being treated at a clinic in Mankhurd
The boy was brought to Sion Hospital after being treated at a clinic in Mankhurd

Sunil Shiva (12) severely burnt his palm after a cracker burst in his hand. Shiva was brought to Sion Hospital on Monday after being treated at a private clinic in Mankhurd. The children of the orphanage were bursting crackers gifted by one of the donors.

Fond of crackers, Shiva was bursting one of the flower pots. “I wasn’t leaning over the cracker because I know the flames can be dangerous. The pot went off when I tried to light it with a sparkler and my hand got badly burnt,” said Shiva from the burns ward of the hospital.

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But the caretaker who brought Shiva to the hospital had a different story to tell. He said the boy’s carelessness had caused the incident. “He was bursting the cracker in his palm and got injured. He had no idea how dangerous it can be. Fortunately, only his palm got burnt,” he said.

Another caretaker, Kishor Sonawne, who also accompanied Shiva to the hospital, said the boy has been living at the orphanage for three years and had been shifted from the Mankhurd children’s remand home. “We gave him first aid at the orphanage and then got him to the nearest hospital.

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He has been referred to Sion Hospital for further treatment. The doctors have said that he is stable but he has seriously injured his right palm,” said Sonawne. After being brought to the hospital around 3 pm on Monday, Shiva was immediately shifted to the burns ward.

Doctors said while the burn wasn’t too severe, he has been kept under observation to ensure that the skin does not contract. “The child has suffered 5% burn injuries on his right palm. We admitted him to ensure the burnt skin doesn’t contract. He is stable and as soon as the wound heals, he will be discharged,” said a doctor from Sion Hospital.

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