Chulbuli Pandey

Mumbai 125 KM actor Vije Bhatia had a spooky incident recently. The actor was travelling to Pune and since photography is his hobby, he kept stopping on the way to click pictures.

Vije Bhatia
Vije Bhatia

At one point, the actor got down to click a few pictures. When he got back to his car, to his surprise, it just would not start. The actor took a while to locate a mechanic who could not find any fault in the car.

After pushing the car for almost half a kilometer, it suddenly started. What Vije then realised to his shock was that the milestone read 125 KM that’s precisely where his car had stopped.

It was a co-incidence, but it sure spooked him out considering his Bollywood debut is also a horror film titled Mumbai 125 KM which is directed and produced by Hemant Madhukar.